Our NBS Vegan Varnish is not a normal nailpolish. We produced this varnish with thoughts and caring for the environment. Our varnish haven't got the normal intense an uncomfortable smell of acetone.

The NBS nail polish is 100% vegan. A nailpolish that is intended for "eco-friendly" and "non-toxic" air.

Words as "Clean Beauty" and "Environment" is a part of the thoughts behind the products.

A nail polish with a high gloss and good opacity - with a uniquely selected short and wide brush that provides easy application. Quick drying and durable. It comes in all the colors You wish.

With a scent og "Clean Cotton", the nails are left with a clean and fresh fragance.


250 ML 

Our NBS Hand soap is produced with consideration for both the environment, but also the time when the hands must have extra attention to hygiene and care.

The fine foaming Handsoap dissolved dirt and bacterias without removing moisture. It's rebuilding, moisturizing and leaves hands clean and soft.

The ingredients reflects the Nordic environment - and include among other things; Cloud Berries.

For optimal hand care, we recommend that You use Hand Lotion after each wash.


250 ML 

The NBS Glow Hand Lotion is Danish produced with special care for the environment. And special consideration for the time when extra hygiene of the hands must be taken care of.

This Hand Lotion is particularly skin-friendly, moisturizing - added a hint of gold shimmer and nourishing ingredients. When it comes to beauty the hands are the part of the body which is often forgotten. But they also deserve a little extra attention and care, and with this glow effect the hands get beautiful glow and life.

This Lotion is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as rose oil and Cloudberries which are rich in vitamin C. The lotion penetrates quickly into the skin, and at the same time provides a protective effect against drying out.

The shimmer is a naturally degradable product.



NBS - Luxury vegan Cotton Pads 

Lint-free and extra strong, two-layer cotton pads in 100% organic cotton with a scent of ”Clean Cotton”.

These cotton pads are unique with a soft side and a hard side, and has a ”sharp” delimited edge that specifies cleansing. The cotton pads do not contain optical white and perfume.

Comes in a practical and decorative dispenser that can stand out as part of the interior. The dispenser is a stylish Danish design, new and easy storage and extremely hygienic in use. It has a practical extension of the pads at the bottom of the dispenser, whereby all your cotton pads are protected from the first to the last.

Lint free cotton pads are suitable for removing nail polish to prevent the cotton wool from sticking to the nails.

Danish idea, in Danish design and produced in Denmark (patent rights)


450 ML 

A Luxury hair Shampo, that contains a rich blend of unique plant extracts, here among Vit. B5 and Olive oil,  serenoa and Panthenol.

This Shampoo moist and give extra care - leave your hair soft and healthy.


450 ML

A fast-acting conditioner that rebuilds the moisture balance and gives your hair life and preserves the color.

Panthenol (vitamin B5) and olive oil provide moisture and care so that the hair becomes silky soft.

Seranoa and plant glycerin help protect the hair from heaters and split ends.


250 ML 

Designed for natural curls, fall or permanent hair. Moisturizing leave-in curling spray that enhances the natural texture of the hair.

The spray provides control, activates the curls and tightens the curls.


250 ML

Designed for all hair types. Immediately freezes the hair in place and ensures a long-lasting finish without leaving the hair dry.

Can also be used as a styling product to lift the hair.


50 ML 

Designed for all hair types.

Vegan oil enriched with nourishing ingredients that hydrate, protect and nourish.

Reduces frizzy hair and split ends. The oil has a softening effect and gives shine.


A towel is an essential part of our hygiene, and we use them every day. We introduce our towels to the Danish Hand Serie, a VEGAN towel 100 % Cotton.

Again, we implement a seed-cart for growing wildflowers that concern our planet. And our Nature– and our summerbirds.

A Towel series “Easy To Go” – hands – face – hair, all matching the CARE LINE we have from Nordic Beauty Supply Denmark. Handcare – HairCare – Facecare.

It comes into a DustBag – 100 % VEGAN and 100 % Cotton made.

 – Thanks to their unparallel absorbency and extended durability, they present a great alternative to your usual cotton towel.

  • Seed card at each hand towel serie
  • antibacterial & hypoallergenic made 100% from organically grown cotton
  • extra absorbent
  • ultra-soft
  • antifungal
  • VEGAN certified 


24 expert ampoule assortment created to  maximize skin results over 24 days.

Treat yourself intensive within 24 days of Christmas - active ingredient and power makes your skin glow. 

High-end and high-exclusive serums waiting for you behind 24 doors.

Peel & Glow – leave your skin looking fresh clean and healthy.